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My husband and I leased a property managed by Karen and Mark from 2018- early 2021. We closed on the same home we moved into when we relocated back to GA from CA yesterday! From beginning to close Karen and Mark were the best. They were communicative and helpful, always. All issues were addressed promptly. When we approached them about buying the home we had been renting they jumped right in to working with the owners. As first time home buyers I know we are the luckiest for our circumstances but being able to work with Spalding Brokers was icing on the cake! I cannot speak more highly of Karen and Mark - good humans, through and through.
- Elizabeth Landers

My family and I have been renting properties for years, and we did not know how good we had it until we moved and no longer had Mark and Karen Spalding managing the home we were renting. They were so responsive and listened to every issue we experienced during our time with them, and they were proactive in making our experience better. And you could tell that they really cared about not only us, but the person for which they were managing the property. Take it from someone who has experienced the opposite of this kind of excellence, if you have the opportunity to work with Spalding Brokers, you will never regret the decision.
- Scott & Julie Pederson

Spalding Brokers are amazing and super friendly and professional. They respond very quickly to repair request and the communications are always prompt. I would recommend Spalding to anyone looking for property management and or real estate needs. They are trustworthy and honest also. I've had the pleasure of working with them over the past several months. Great experience.
- Velma Trayham

We resided in an Alpharetta townhome managed by the Spaldings for 4 years. They were very responsive and easy to work with - would highly recommend them.
- Drew & Eileen

Mark and Karen Spalding have been wonderful to work with from the very beginning. From the first phone call we made to inquire on a property, to the move in and the support and promptness they’ve provided; they are truly a wonderful team and we are so happy we are renting a property they manage.

Both Mark and Karen go out of their way to make things right when something goes wrong. Communication has been a simple phone call or text message and both are very quick to respond. The few “minor” issues we’ve had since moving in have been fixed in a timely manner and the customer/client service they provide is excellent.

I HIGHLY recommend using Mark and Karen Spalding if you are looking to rent a home or other property. Not only are they great at what they do, but they are genuinely good people.
- Matt Brock

We have been renting with Spalding brokers for 5 years. They are attentive, timely, and very helpful!
- Lori Clayton

Spalding Brokers, LLC Thank you for the cozy house and nice area !!! We are very pleased with everything !!! I advise everyone! :))
- Mariana Barac

My husband and I met Karen and Mark a little over four years ago. We were down-sizing and moving to a new area. As it turned out we were renting in the same neighborhood where they lived. Over the years they have been excellent landlords. If we ever had an issue with our home, they were quick to respond and get the issue resolved. They were always courteous, fair and timely. They included us in neighborhood activities and parties and made us feel welcome in our new home and neighborhood. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a home, Mark and Karen will take care of you! They made our renting experience a pleasure and we will miss them as neighbors. Thanks Mark and Karen! Best of luck to you all! Keep in touch.

- Julie and Scott

Funny story, Mark and Karen haven't actually listed our house yet, because we keep changing our mind due to assorted circumstances, but I have been in touch with them for the past few years. During that time, they have been extremely helpful and patient with our circumstances. They are just top notch, so knowledgeable and I can tell will have an exceptional attention to detail once we employ their services. They are extremely experienced, you'll be in super professional hands! :D ...Oh, and this review was totally unsolicited by them or anyone -- I just feel so grateful for all of the time they have spent with me with my project. :D

- Melody Sciavicco Furr

We moved all the way from Seattle due to a job relocation. When we began our online search for a house in Georgia, we were very nervous about finding a place to rent from so far away. We knew we would be making a decision based solely on photos. Karen and Mark made the process seamless! They helped coordinate everything by phone and email and were extremely accommodating. The process went very smoothly and on the day we drove up to the house after a very long drive, Mark was at the door waiting for us. We have been renting for about a year now and I can't say enough about how great our experience has been. If we ever have a maintenance need or question about anything, we can simply email Karen and Mark and they take care of everything as quickly as possible. I would absolutely recommend Spalding Brokers!

- Anna Peterson

Karen and Mark helped us sell our home after 3 other real estate agents were unsuccessful. They gave us an honest market value for our home upfront, which actually helped us get full asking price. They also helped us find a home we love at a fair price just by listening to our ideas for what would work best for our family and networking with other agents. If you want honest, aggressive and thorough real estate services, choose Spalding Brokers!

- Amanda Swanson

About 3 yrs ago my husband and I contacted Spalding Brokers to manage a townhouse we purchased as a rental. They have been very consistent and reliable, working with the tenants and the property HOA in a very professional manner. It has given us peace of mind knowing they are handling issues and details which need attention. They are easy to work with, and the accounting simplifies year-end tax planning. We have been very pleased with the services they have provided and have recommended them to others.

- Joyce Kent

A little over a year ago my husband and I moved from Georgia to California. We decided to rent out our house in Georgia, but had concerns since we would be living on the opposite side of the country. We went with Spalding Brokers as our management company and we could not be happier with our decision. They have placed quality tenants in our home, been extremely responsive, and handled each and every need as it has arose. We could not do this without them!

- Skip & Jennifer Munn

Karan and Mark take great care of me and my tenants! They are responsive, carefully screen for the best tenants, and I trust them completely. I moved out of town but have complete peace of mind with them looking out for my property.

- Lisa Cowan

I was a renter with Spalding for 4 years. I always had immediate attention to any needs. If the air conditioner was out, someone was there that day! It didn't matter what the situation was. I knew I could contact them and my concerns would heard. Thanks Mark and Karen!!

- Jay Symmes, Tenant

I have used Spalding Brokers for ten years. They are the best at choosing a+ tenants. Insuring years of worry free management. I have had two tenants in two years and never worried about receiving payment on time every time.

- Mark Broyles, Property Owner

Spalding Brokers is always there for you. Fast, efficient, thoughtful, kind people and always easy to reach by phone or website. The best.

- Maris Bonanno

I have used Spalding Brokers for over two years. They've done an excellent job in finding high quality tenants for my property. Whenever damage has occurred to my property, they've informed me within 24hrs and act quickly in addressing the issues. They also do a great job at keeping me up to date on the progress of the work. I've dealt with other brokers and wish they were half as reliable as Spalding Brokers. I've been extremely pleased with their services and have recommended them to others.

- Sara Palmer, Property Owner

I've used the Spalding Brokers team for more than 3 years. They manage my property extremely well and all the tenants that they have recommended have been high caliber and dependable. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their effort, consistency and the quality of their work. Thanks, guys!

- Jim Haskins, Property Owner

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the outstanding job you did in managing my property in Cumming GA. I have owned several properties and all of them were managed by property management companies. Your company was by far the best I worked with.
Deposits were always made on time, maintenance issues were handled in a way that kept the tenant happy and me because the costs were always reasonable.
Although the above items are very important, I think the most important service you provided was to find the right tenant. The time and effort you spent on the front end to pick the right people to lease my property paid big dividends in the long run. I did not have a single issue with the tenant throughout the full three plus years you managed the property.
Again, thanks for a job well done.

- Mike Neal, Property Owner

I found Spalding Brokers through an online search of residential property management companies in Alpharetta, GA. They treated me so wonderful within the first 30 days (before they even got to manage my townhome) that I immediately referred them to my neighbors who were also relocating out of state. Just so happens the day I sent the referral they had called and talked to Mark and confirmed that they would be using them for their rental management company, as well. They required a company that would bring high income professionals to their townhome, while I was happy with having someone who I could get along with personally and professionally. Karen and Mark have met both our sets of requirements and then some! They have years of expertise in their industry so not only are they tremendous assets when looking for qualified tenants, but they have advised me on ways to increase the rental value without breaking the bank. I cannot say enough good things about this dynamic couple and their success in residential property management. I am forever grateful for our relationship!

- Patti Pierce

I hired Spalding brokers to manager my rental property & they really took the hardship off of my back. They found a qualified tenant within a week of listing the property where I had spent months trying to find a tenant. They have a very streamline process & take care of all the headaches of owning a rental property so I can focus on running my business. Leave the rental business up them & you will be taken care of!

- Jason Bergsrom, General Manager

I was introduced to Mark and Karen Spalding a little over two years ago when my wife and I needed to rent a home. From the very beginning, they were extremely easy to work with. There was never any pressure toward any decisions that I felt weren't best for me and my family. The application process was exceptionally thorough, instilling in me the confidence to know that both the home owner, and the renter, me, were going to know exactly what we were getting. I have had several dealing with both Mark and Karen since that day, and all of them have been positive. If you are a homeowner looking for a property manager, a home buyer, or someone needing to rent a home, Spalding Brokers is the right company for you!

- Georgia & Tennessee ConServ Building Services Inc.
305 Etowah Trace Suite 106305 Etowah Trace Suite 106, Fayetteville, GA
Jay Symmes

Karen and Mark are extremely professional and are a delight to work with. They are diligent about taking care of needed repairs, arranging for workmen and taking care of outstanding items. My wife and I highly recommend them for both renters and owners.

- Metro Roof Cleaning
Bob Marshall

Spalding Brokers was extremely easy to work with and helped us find a property that met our needs. They were hands on throughout the process and helped with a smooth application and move in process. We would definitely recommend them to a friend.

- Amy Moriarty & Isvel Rodriguez

Spalding Brokers is the first management company I have used for one of my rental properties. I am totally satisfied with their services. They take care of everything and I enjoy not having to be involved in the day to day issues you can have at a rental property.
They are professional and courteous and I would highly recommend them.

- Linda Bastio

I had never heard of Spalding Brokers, but when I explained to my brother that I needed to rent out our mother's condo, he said, "You need to call Mark Spalding, he really helped me a lot a few years ago." He gave me Mark's number, I called, we agreed to meet at Starbucks and over a cup of coffee, everything was settled. Since that time, Mark and Karen have taken care of everything; they had the condo rented within two months at the rent we had agreed upon. If there are any issues with the Condo Management Association, Mark and Karen handle it. If something needs to be fixed in the condo, Mark and Karen handle it after getting my OK. Last, but not least, the rent is always paid on time.

- Mark Anderson

If I had twenty rental properties, I would not even consider anyone other than Spalding Brokers. I frequently thank my brother for his referral.
A great experience! Karen and Mark are responsive, efficient and very effective in the management of my home.

- John Jolin

Spalding Brokers has managed my rental now for about a year. They have been professional in all aspects of management from the contract agreements to keeping me aware of property maintenance. In addition, I receive a regular income and expense statement. They are well worth their monthly fee for the peace of mind.

- Ellen Stringer

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